M. Tikhomirov
Chairman of Russian
Sambo Federation,
International Amateur
Sambo Federation (FIAS)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to greet the participants , organizers and guests of the World Youth Sambo Championship in the beautiful Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk citizens have rich traditions in training high-class sportsmen and members of the National teams. For the last time they do a lot for the international development of Sambo two years ago they held the Asia Sambo Championship on the high conducting level and with traditional Siberian hospitality. I am sure this Championship will be held on the same level. The active participation of the City and Territory Administration and particulary the Governor Alexander Lebed is the garantee of it.

I like the position of the region city Administration, who does not devide sports into main and minor, Olympic and non-Olympic, but makes all possible for Siberian people to be healthy.

This year is the special year for those who are engaged in sambo - we celebrate the 60-th anniversary of sambo developing in Russia and this Championship is the perfect gift to the jubilee.

I am sure that in future sambo will be included in the Olympic Games programme. This is confirmed by the first visit of J. A. Samaranch of the World Youth Games in Moscow who has invited us to Lausanne with the entreaty about Sambo recognition by IOC.